Ancient Egypt and the Secrets of the Sun

  By Jerry Parker

Words from the Author

Author Jerry Parker in Cairo Egypt Museum of Antiquity in 1992

Book I: Book of the Moon Western Philosophy:  Facts or Theories and Lies

Book I discusses the protocol of Western domination. In part, this protocol consists of introducing an idea as a theory, then postulating that idea as a fact, subsequently introducing additional theories, based on the original theory, then advancing additional theories as facts.  This amounts to building lies on top of lies. While passing off theories and lies as real science and true history.

Book II: Book of the Earth Africa and Africans Misunderstood

Book II discusses the cultural and social contribution of the continent of Africa.  This book also dispels precepts, lies and myths that are falsely assigned to Sub Sahara Africa and Africans, and squarely roots Sub Saharan Africa to highly developed social systems while exclusively to Northern Africa.

Book III:  The Book of the Sun, Ancient Egypt = The Sun (RA), Time, Spirituality and Civilization

Book III reveals the true relationship between the Ancient Egyptian Spiritual system and the formation of a time concept and the establishment of the word's first civilization.  This time concept serves as the catalyst and foundation for the development of the world's major religious, political and educational institutions.
The objective of this dissertation is to first, bring some truth to what is generally accepted as conventional thought and education (Western philosophy).  Primarily by dismissing the impostor of Ancient civilization, the Greeks, while fostering the Ancient Egyptians and their descendants as the legitimate creator of high civilization.  Secondly, to expose the general meaning behind Western institutions and specifically, to reveal for the first time, the secret meaning of Western religions.

Jerry Parker,
Analyst, Naturalist & Free Thinker