Ancient Egypt and the Secrets of the Sun

  By Jerry Parker


by Louis Bobo

      Brother Jerry Parker is challenging some concepts sanctioned by a faction of the academic community that has in effect made White Supremacy a religion.  He brings clarity to that which is hidden behind the illusion of reality and gives us the understanding that the source of all knowledge emanates from the creator as manifested in nature, and that with this compass we can find our way back to our true selves.  Just as surely as we all are victimized by perverted scholarship we are all beneficiaries of excellence in the promulgation of truth. 

      Although Parker has undertaken the awesome task of setting the record straight, even when it flies in the face of what passes for truth, he has the necessary credentials to do the work by his application of the Maatian creed principle.  To the extent that alienation from the truth is alienation from one's self; when we are aligned with the truth we are free even when our physical surroundings suggest our enslavement.

     Brother Parker delineates the fundamental principle derived from the observation of the interaction of the Sun, Moon and the Earth that Ancient Egyptians applied in developing the civilization that gave light to the world.  Unfortunately, a measure of psychopathology is the obsession to steal that which has been given and although we find ourselves in the belly of this unlikely beast, we are instructed to hold fast to Ma at to preclude worshipping beast as God.

    To my mentor and brother on the occasion of his sacred gift to the world I offer this prayer:

     Oh ancient ancestral gods of our fathers manifest in our deliverance from the belly of the great white whale of meaninglessness which has devoured generations of unsuspecting black souls too caught up on the treadmill of worshipping our oppressor to turn around in ourselves and call on the gods of our father.  Manifest in our deliverance into the humane community of Genuine African brotherhood of the New Man.  For we would sing the song-dance the rhythm-walk the way of true sons and daughters of mother Africa.  All praise is due to the ancestors, all praise is due Amen Ra.

Louis Bobo